Brigitta Muntendorf on her piece MELENCOLIA

sandris murins
2 min readFeb 20, 2024

Watch my interview with a new music composer Brigitta Muntendorf, where she explains her piece MELENCOLIA. It is a music theatre piece that deals with stereotypes from the Renaissance, Romanticism, pop, and kitsch, searching for the liberating melancholic mood. 14 instrumental soloists of the Ensemble Modern encounter virtual guests such as the Iranian Ney-Anban virtuoso Saeid Shanbehzadeh or their own digital twins in 3D audio landscapes. Artificial intelligence and synthetically cloned voices encounter digital visual worlds and bizarre parallel existences, and an incessant stream of instrumental and electronic music leads the audience into familiar as well as surreal audio spaces.

Watch interview:

Watch trailer MELENCOLIA:

Brigitta Muntendorf is a German-Austrian composer who has internalized referentiality as a compositional principle in her music (music to kin) and creates a multi-layered web of analog-digital modes of expression in her works. Her settings range from instrumental, choral, and orchestral music to trans-digital music/dance theater and 3D sound/AR installations. She established the concept of social composing, appeals to media sensuality, and collaborative forms of production in the form of a community of practice. She is the founder of Ensemble Garage, artistic director of the FMN Festival (FRAU MUSICA NOVA), and curates the music performances for the Next Level Festival for Games. Since 2018 she is also a professor of composition at the HfMT Cologne and director of the Institute for Contemporary Music.

Photo: screenshot from trailer